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Most Recent Customer Reviews


When I went to watch this in the cinema i only went to take my little sister out for the day during her holidays. Little did I know that I would enjoy this movie immensely. Read more

Published 7 hours ago by Zara Khan

Amazing film

We all loved this film! Me, my husband, my 6 year old son and his 6 year old Disney mad female friend! Read more

Published 10 hours ago by mrs keeley j yoward

A Pixar fan is blown away!

For me, Toy Story changed everything. I loved the Disney animations which preceded it: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, etc. Read more

Published 16 hours ago by Lee Mallabar Dreamware

amazing movie

this is a fantastic movie with comedy and drama! it made me laugh and cry and i would recommend you buy it.

Published 2 days ago by kinect


I rated a five because when I watched it I loved every last second of it I would say they it is a family film but everyone should watch it I can"t stop thinking of it and watching... Read more

Published 3 days ago by ellie moore

Warm your heart and enjoy the film like I did X

Fantastic gripping film with highs & lows, beautiful sings and storyline.
We went to the cinema as a family and there were other families and age groups. Read more

Published 3 days ago by At seaside camping

Best film I"ve seen in a long time!

Took my 11 year old son to see this at the cinema last week. We were thoroughly enjoying until 20 minutes before the end when there was a problem with the projector. Read more

Published 3 days ago by meriel

Truly inspiring and Magical Adventure

I was sceptical when I watched this film as it was a musical animated film, how pleasantly surprised was I. Read more

Published 3 days ago by Gohan4

Disney is still disney whatever your age

I absolutely love this film, it has definitely been my favourite since the older disney"s like beauty and the beast and sleeping beauty. Read more

Published 4 days ago by barbie

One of the best animated movies in recent memory!

Frozen is the latest animated hit to come from Disney, and it"s possibly one of the best films they"ve ever produced! Read more

Published 5 days ago by G. Stephenson

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

53 of 59 people found the following review helpful

Let it go - turn away and slam the door. I don"t care what they will say. Let the storm rage!! The cold never bothered me anyway9 Dec 2013

By Maciej TOP 500 REVIEWER


This is an impressively BEAUTIFUL film, with very endearing characters, solid scenario, fun moments for little ones, good dialogs, impressive images, nice music and one simply unbelievably POWERFUL song, the "Let it go!".

This film was inspired by Hans Christian Andrsen magnificent story the "Snow Queen", published the first time in 1845, but it is only a distant inspiration - the story in the film has very little in common with this classic bittersweet treat. In fact it is a completely different tale, about two princesses, Elsa, the wise but sad elder sister and Anna, the impulsive, merry but a little bit foolish (at least initially) younger one. The sisters love one another dearly, but early in their childhood dire circumstances (and a REALLY stupid advice) erected a wall between them - and in fact also a wall between Elsa and all the rest of the world... And the day this wall unavoidably collapses, well, Elsa will "let it go" - and all hell will break lose! I will say here nothing more about the story.

My 12 year old daughter simply adored this film. My 4 year old daughter liked it too, although she didn"t exactly understand the story, but she was quite happy with the snowman Olaf (lots of giggling), the OTHER snowman who was not Olaf (lots of pretending to be afraid), the reindeer Sven ("daddy can I have a reindeer?"), the carrots (an important element of the film), the songs and the beautiful images.

Me, I was absolutely impressed by the visual aspect of this film, the clever dialogs and this INCREDIBLE "Let it go!" song, which is I believe the best musical cinema moment I had since "The circle of life" in "Lion King".
Read more ›

35 of 40 people found the following review helpful

An instant Disney classic 9 Dec 2013

By Luke


Simply put, "Frozen" is a masterful family film. It"s a sharp and endearing musical that will make you remember exactly why you used to fall in love with the old Disney classics as a child.

Very roughly based on the fairy tale `The Snow Queen", `Frozen" tells the story of two princesses in the kingdom of Arendelle who become embroiled in adventure when their town becomes trapped in a state of endless winter. Voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, the two princesses mark a refreshing change of pace for the traditional Disney Princesses. Both smart and funny, these are (for once) princesses who aren"t defined by their love interests. Indeed, the film is first and foremost about their relationship with each other.

The roster of supporting characters is varied and entertaining, with the highlight being a charmingly clueless snowman named Olaf, whose dream is to see summer for the first time. The film also features a reindeer who, despite never speaking, still manages to steal a good number of scenes. The plot is fairly standard fare as far as Disney goes, but the occasional twist and surprise helps keep things fresh.

This is the first true musical that Disney have produced in a long while. Packed with imaginative and memorable songs, this"ll have you recalling the glory days of `Beauty and the Beast" and `The Lion King". Out of the generous handful of musical numbers the film offers, the best is the powerful ballad `Let It Go" which will stick with you long after the credits roll.

As appealing for children as it will be for adults, this film is a real return to form for Disney. `Frozen" is funny, smart, charming and feels truly timeless. I can"t praise it highly enough.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

The Best Disney Film Since The Lion King 15 Jan 2014

By J. Collins


Frozen is a phenominon. It is a magical and emotional experience that will stay with you for days, weeks, months after you see it. It is by far the best Disney film since the likes of The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Everything from the animation to the toe tapping musical numbers are breathtaking.

It is a heartwarming tale about sisterhood and the importance of family. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell put in simply spellbinding performances as two sisters forced to grow up apart due to a terrible gift/curse. Menzels ensemble musical piece "Let It Go" deserves a Grammy because it is just so so so good.

I cannot recommend this film enough. Kids will love it due to Oalaf the hilarious wisecracking snowman and adults will appreciate the romance and love in the unbreakable ties asociated with family and sisterhood.

Buy Frozen and keep it forever!

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

Brilliant! an absolute must for all Disney fans!! 22 Dec 2013

By Ellie


Up there with Tangled, this took my breath away on the big screen. My girls (4 and 5) and I have since been watching songs from the movie on line and have pre-ordered this to add to our Disney collection as soon as it is released! Very funny in parts and I"m sure little boys would enjoy this movie too with its snow giant, trolls and the unforgettable Olaf character. Disney at its best!

19 of 23 people found the following review helpful

Amazing!!! 9 Dec 2013

By trouble1345


Took the daughter and her best friend to see this at the cinema. Both absolutely loved it....and have talked about it ever since. I don"t usually pre-order blue-rays or DVDs. However, this time I am going to make an exception, because it"ll be demanded on release day anyway. So I may as well give in early before I get my ear chewed off.

It is an amazing story about a pair of sisters who go on a journey to both discover themsevles, and save each other.....the the help of the expected gentleman, a comedy snowman who dreams of summer, and a reindeer.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the music has had me gripped ever since. I"m going to be singing and humming this for months.

Tangled was good.....this is brilliant in comparison. My only concern is that my daughter will wear out either the disc or the player!

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